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For Organizations: 

Our team of Organizational Psychologists and Certified Coaches will use psychological principles, models, and methods to help you identify and overcome organizational issues in order to enhance productivity, growth, and profitability! From coaching to team building and training programs we offer a broad range of synthesized methods to assess organizational effectiveness, devise and implement strategies for improvement, and measure outcomes. Top reasons that you need to hire a coach:

  • You are a high potential who wants to become more politically astute to navigate your way through the organization.

  • You're a senior leader who needs a sounding board.

  • You're a talented executive who makes solid contributions yet is ineffective in your communication style.

  • You are an up and comer who needs more 'executive presence'.

These are but a few of the reasons we see a growing demand for executive and leadership coaching. In fact, according to a Harvard Business Review Research Report, the number one reason to engage a corporate/executive coach is to "develop high potentials or facilitate a transition (48%)". (See chart below.)

Coaching Approaches to Choose From

One-on-one executive/leadership coaching

  • Leadership coaching is an individualized engagement for successful leaders who want to enhance their effectiveness. The typical participant is preparing for or has taken on new roles, is expanding capacity to include new initiatives/projects, or is under-performing because of an unproductive behavior that is interfering with success.

  • Together, you and your CPAI coach will: examine your individual strengths and development needs so you can understand how they are impacting your success; and build and execute a plan with measurable goals and benchmarks that will result in the desired changes in your behavior or performance.

Team coaching and development 

Team coaching involves two or more individuals on a leadership or executive team. It includes:

  • An assessment of what is working and what isn't working

  • Identification of the desired end result

  • Diagnosis to identify improvement opportunities and next steps

  • An implementation phase during which the team and the individual players execute the next steps identified during the assessment process

For Individuals:

  • Don’t Leave Your Career to Chance.

  • Don’t Settle for a Career You Dread.

  • Get Strategic.


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